3MB Closure: Two Wheels Better



Just when I thought the postponement  of the proposed repair works on third mainland bridge (3MB) was indefinite, the reality of it stared me in the face when I was on my way to the executive committe meeting of my motorcycle club in Lagos. The notice was as legible as intimidating. LASTMA officials and men of the Nigerian Police were in situ to knock into place any doubting Thomas. Luckily, my destination was Gbagada. That meant, no detour and prolonged perambulating through the long windy routes to the island via Anthony, Surulere and the infamous Apongbon end of the wood.

Ofcourse, making my way into Gbagada already gave a snippet into what Monday holds. Thirty minutes later after several lost and found bouts, I got to my desination 30 mins late as the entire crew already left. I chose to call my club’s president still just so I know the exact location and pay homage to our “first lady”. After the usual courtesies, we (myself and my president) mentioned the impending chaos that was to come on Monday.

Smiling in his usual manner, he pointed me in the direction of his two bikes with one still fresh “on oil”. “I just serviced the Honda CBF and the VFR is to follow”. “This maintenance will never catch me in a car” he went further. Well, I am aware he has not driven to the office in more than two years despite being a top rated banker working with an A class bank. No wonder his customised plate is “NEVA L8”.

Time check: 18h38 Monday evening. Many were the tales of woes on our club blackberry group with the minimum being three hours on the road just to keep an appointment. There were experiences and even more experiences. It was obvious the days, weeks and months ahead were not going be as easy as many people thought (not one of them).

We eventually laughed about it as men. Alas! my president made the same journed in 27mins that morning and of course many of his colleagues met him seated in the office all sharply dressed like a banker that he truly is.

The comfort in a car can’t be wished away. The comfort on a bike is also better experienced. As the days turn into weeks and the pressure occasioned by the diversions mounts, two wheels just seems absolutely practical in times like this and hence a better option.

If given a shot, one thing is assured – you are NEVA L8.

Until next time, find, aim and shoot at whatever life brings your way.



One thought on “3MB Closure: Two Wheels Better

  1. Nmutaka

    I actually bought a bike for commuting during the first 3rd Mainland repair work. After 3 weeks in a car I was dozing off in traffic and bumping into other cars. Waking up by 5am and wondering how many hours I would spend on the road each day was becoming rather stressful. I decided I had seen enough “luxury” in a car and bought a Honda CB400. The rest is now history. I have been riding to work daily since then.

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