Dead or Killed?


I have always had some brain waves about what service delivery mean to different people and what influence the “deliverers” and the “receivers”. Looking inside-out, my thought is, “are there specific things that make a person deliver good  service to the others?” Your guess might be as good as mine. Although, I agree that most customer service oriented persons have more innate than acquired characteristics. I also wonder if good service delivery is determined/influenced by race or genes. There are instances where it is said that a group of people are somewhat more polite than the others. e.g., it is common knowledge that the average british man would do his utmost to stay polite even as he locks you behind bars.

Alas, I am of the school of thought that service delivery just like many other individual actions have very many strong influences from external factors that are well captured by the PESTEL environments. This would explain why a taxi driver in Singapore is as polite as the Executive in his highbrow office. It might also explain why the average Somali in the recent past would charge at any foreign vessel navigating their territorial waters.

Imagine scenario below where a patient with the regular symptons of malaria got the rudest shock of her life in what started as a routine check and conversation with her physician: Continue reading


Social Media for Career Advancement


Social media as defined in the Oxford dictionary as cited in the ONE page of the University of Leicester website are websites and applications used for social networking. In order to gain better insights of the term, I went ahead to inquire what makes a social network. According to, social network can be “a network of friends, colleagues, and other personal contacts” or an “online community of people with a common interest who use a website or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information, resources, etc.” or “website or online service that facilitates this communication.” The words in bold fonts are so for emphasis. Perhaps, it might be safe to further define social media as an online community of people, friends, colleagues, personal contacts who use websites or other technologies to communicate and share information and other resources amongst each other or a website or online that facilitates this communication. It is interesting to note that at no point in the above descriptions was a business or organization mentioned. Why then did organizations, companies, governments, businesses and even religious organizations foray into social media? Continue reading

My Personal Brand – My Unique Selling Point


Having gotten an improved knowledge of Personal Brand and Digital footprint and the sudden realization of their importance to my person and my career, my natural instincts triggered my wanting to know what my digital footprint is. Instinctively, I “googled” it. I realized how much digital footprint I had in the cyber world. Most of them were imprints in the social media and a few are things related to my professional life.

As part of the insights from the Online Networking and Employability (ONE) award program, I checked further using; this revealed even further information about me. Broken down into public records, criminal records, phone numbers, social networks, related pictures, web links and blogs, it would appear my entire being was laid bare in the public domain. This further strengthened my resolve to wanting to ask some rhetoric; who am I? Who am I to others?

In my quest for the truth, I asked a colleague with whom I work directly; report to same line manager and to the best of my knowledge can be objective. She was quick to say how knowledgeable and vast I am in most fields. She did well to also mention my impatience with mediocrity. Of course, above helped to give a very good idea and answer to my second rhetoric, “Who am I to the others?” Continue reading

Personal Brand and Digital Footprint; Hoax or Necessity?


Although I have come across the coinage digital footprint amongst other related terms in the past, they were at best distant modern words utilized by the technology savvy young folks. Without any clarity on how, I have always been conscious of what I now know as digital footprint. For ease of reference, your digital footprint is your online brand/image which is accessible to your family, friends, businesses, potential employers and even strangers as simply defined in the Leicester Online Networking and Employability (ONE) Award program.

In order to improve my knowledge and influence my digital footprint, I was lucky to have been chosen as a participant in the Leicester ONE program. Although a three-month program, the first month was based on Personal Branding. Going through the course outline, I had hoped to learn what personal branding was and how digital footprints either compliment or negates ones personal branding. I also planned to learn how to project and/or improve on my digital footprint.

The ONE experience gave the requisite answers to my long struggles. This was done through series of activities called e-tivity, webinars, group discussions and an assignment. The whole learning method was absolutely effective as several media of communication was utilized – visual, audio and text. I must say the experience met and surpassed my expectations. The group discussions gave insights into different perspectives of the subject and also opened my mind to the reality that I was not alone in the quest for this solution. I asked questions and got answers and tips from the presentation helped me to build what would become an improved personal brand. I hope to fully utilize the outcome across all social networks where I have a presence.

So far, I have adopted the use of one digital image with professional outlook across my social network i. e., LinkedIn, Twitter, facebook and on my personal blog – I have also adopted same summary and description where possible or a consistent adaptation with same message where impossible. Continue reading