My Personal Brand – My Unique Selling Point


Having gotten an improved knowledge of Personal Brand and Digital footprint and the sudden realization of their importance to my person and my career, my natural instincts triggered my wanting to know what my digital footprint is. Instinctively, I “googled” it. I realized how much digital footprint I had in the cyber world. Most of them were imprints in the social media and a few are things related to my professional life.

As part of the insights from the Online Networking and Employability (ONE) award program, I checked further using; this revealed even further information about me. Broken down into public records, criminal records, phone numbers, social networks, related pictures, web links and blogs, it would appear my entire being was laid bare in the public domain. This further strengthened my resolve to wanting to ask some rhetoric; who am I? Who am I to others?

In my quest for the truth, I asked a colleague with whom I work directly; report to same line manager and to the best of my knowledge can be objective. She was quick to say how knowledgeable and vast I am in most fields. She did well to also mention my impatience with mediocrity. Of course, above helped to give a very good idea and answer to my second rhetoric, “Who am I to the others?”

However, a vivid realization and awakening would later set in, in the form of yet another rhetoric, “WHO IS BEST TO TELL MY STORY?” I agreed I am best suited for that job. The “how” stared me in the face. My ONE experience would later help me put my personal brand in proper perspective. It constructively helped me to dig into my past, present and my unique selling points (USP) using a “personal brand framework” document. The ONE programme shared with us a presentation by Dan Schawbel, a personal branding and social media expert the importance of having the right personal branding and digital presence. It affirmed that the Internet is now the global personnel pool for recruiters and employers. The advent of social media then means that everyone can now have a brand as the employers now seeks experts, you must be known foryour skills. Schawbel further affirmed that 80% of employers use online means for background checks while 71% of employers monitor employees’ online presence

Hence, your personal branding should consistently look at where you want to be in the future and what you want to be known for. My ONE experience using the personal brand framework helped me to push my values more, focus on and highlight my achievements, have a clear X-ray of my strengths and weaknesses and put up conscious plans to either harness or improve on the former and the latter respectively, leverage my experience and showcase my personal values, personality, motivation and interests. All of these ingredients would eventually become what is today my unique brand.

I have now through critical but logical guidance realized my personal brand which is made up of my unique selling points. I am a well travelled aviation and relationship management professional, trainer, manager of people, projects and processes with a knack for adventure and discovering places, spirited business planner and strategist rounded in business writing and presentation, a passionate communicator with innate leadership drive and selfless service to the society.

WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL BRAND AND USP? Until the next time; be sure to find, aim and shoot at whatever life brings your way.Image


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