IRS Airline Accident / Emergency Landing


An IRS Airlines Fokker 100, registration 5N-SIK performing a positioning flight from Bratislava (Slovakia) to Kano (Nigeria) with 2 crew, was enroute near GANLA waypoint (Niger) when radio contact was lost with the aircraft. A short time later the first officer of the flight tweeted: “still alive boss” and posted a photo of the aircraft, that came to a stop with all gear collapsed.

Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authorities confirmed the aircraft lost radio contact at about 20:00L (19:00Z) when enroute near GANLA (Niger), Niamey (Niger) Airport was informed and ready for a possible emergency landing.

GANLA waypoint is located at N13.7514 E8.3294 (Niger) about 104nm north of Kano (Nigeria).

The location of the emergency landing is still unknown at this time except for being within the borders of Niger, neighbour country of Nigeria.

According to radar data the aircraft had departed Bratislava at 10:30L (08:30Z), according to Nigeria’s CAA the aircraft lost radio contact near GANLA at about 19:00Z, about 10.5 hours later (editorial note: an intermediate landing thus appears likely).

On May 11th the first officer tweeted that the aircraft last landed with the gear extended.

5N-SIK had been in Slovakia for a C-Check following a hydraulics problem which prompted Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority to ground the airline in October 2013 as the airline no longer had a minimum of two serviceable aircraft. The return of 5N-SIK was eagerly awaited by the airline to be able to resume service.

5N-SIK after the emergency landing (Photo: First Officer of the flight JamyL MD Abubakar):
5N-SIK after the emergency landing (Photo: First Officer of the flight JamyL MD Abubakar)

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth):
Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth)


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Dead or Killed?


I have always had some brain waves about what service delivery mean to different people and what influence the “deliverers” and the “receivers”. Looking inside-out, my thought is, “are there specific things that make a person deliver good  service to the others?” Your guess might be as good as mine. Although, I agree that most customer service oriented persons have more innate than acquired characteristics. I also wonder if good service delivery is determined/influenced by race or genes. There are instances where it is said that a group of people are somewhat more polite than the others. e.g., it is common knowledge that the average british man would do his utmost to stay polite even as he locks you behind bars.

Alas, I am of the school of thought that service delivery just like many other individual actions have very many strong influences from external factors that are well captured by the PESTEL environments. This would explain why a taxi driver in Singapore is as polite as the Executive in his highbrow office. It might also explain why the average Somali in the recent past would charge at any foreign vessel navigating their territorial waters.

Imagine scenario below where a patient with the regular symptons of malaria got the rudest shock of her life in what started as a routine check and conversation with her physician: Continue reading

One Man, Two Wheels; Destination Europe


06h00 / 14th June, 2012. Bikes started rolling in to the meeting point. I was No 6 on the roll. I arrived just in good time for fuel top up. One of the fuel attendants tried to ascertain their safety owing to more than normal hooded men arriving at their station albeit unannounced. My response in his local language gave him the needed assurances. We were there for one mission, to see off Fotodadi on his euro tour with his BMW1200GS with registration number BLANKS.

On arrival at FD’s, we waited downstairs and generally tried to play catch up with some things of interest to us. The talk mostly centered on rides, safety and more rides. While at it, B9 who only arrived from an Abuja rolled in. No one would have thought he’d make it. As usual, all attention shifted to his bike. The bike did not only recently join the fleet, it’s livery is also a sight to behold and the owner fully compliments this bike. His ‘kackings” is not only on point but suits him too. Besides, even Obama will green with envy on the amount of green bills that’s gone to his safety and outlook.


The break before the fast

Nuff said about B9. FD owns this day and back to him. While we gloat about his trip, STIXX got the signals from who knows who? His sharp movement and his gaze in the direction of the 2nd floor apartment of FD gave him out. It’s the regular invitation to treat from FOTOMUMI (FD’s wife). It normally comes as sandwiches and some bottles of soda at the minimum. Like a procession into a morning mass, all men follow suit in quick succession. As usual, we were not disappointed. We met DB on set while FD was trying to download what I guess he must have called the “BMW Diagnostics” on his phone. Phew! that dude sure likes some gadgets. Continue reading